2013 in Review


February 4, 2013 –

Debbie Seelman presented a sample of quilt blocks in a chain pattern and agreed to make a quilt as a fund raiser.  Postcards of Boonville historical sites will be made and be used as a fundraiser.  Dr. Sieger (St. Luke’s) discussed the importance of Vitamin D in the Boonville area.  With the lack                             of sunny days in our area, many residents have Vitamin D deficiencies.  This can be overcome by taking 1,000 mg of Vitamin D daily and/or consuming milk, salmon, shrimp, cod, egg, and broccoli.

March 4, 2013 –

O’Connors is the best deal for the postcards at $25/100.  Cheryl Kapfer reported on the bi-laws with a change in the terms.  Officers could be elected twice and then have a two year hiatus.  JoAnn Ballard obtained a list of all the cemeteries in Oneida County and agreed to continue the web site that Judy had begun.  Crafts were shown including cross stitching, braided corn husks, scrimshaw, scrap booking, basket weaving, crocheted items, quilted purses, and a queen-sized paper-pieced quilt.

April 1, 2013 –

Bill Sawyer presented information on the fife and drum at Ft. Stanwix.  Members revealed the most unusual April Fool’s joke.

May 6, 2013 –

Members discussed unusual railroad trips from the Adirondack Scenic Railroad to crosscountry to the Trans Siberian Railroad.  Cheryl Kapfer presented information on the Moose River Settlement stretching from Deer Run Camp to the Moose River. She discussed the owners beginning with John Brown and including Henry Gould. Tanneries employed 120 people, had 288 vats, and used up 20 million hemlock trees. The Peg Leg Railroad had wooden rails and went to Thendera/Fulton Chain of Lakes.

June 10, 2013 –

Boonville Historical Club held its banquet at Steak ‘N Brew and discussed what they  liked best about Boonville.  Debbie Seelman showed her completed Chain Quilt and raffle tickets will be sold at $1 for 1, $3 for 5, and $5 for 10.  Post cards of historical buildings in Boonville will be on sale at $1 each.  Carol Ingersol was named Woman of the Year, and perfect attendance was given to Joanne Sattler, Glenyce Trainor, Nancy Trainor, and Barb Traxerl.  A Chinese auction was used as a fund raiser.

October 7, 2013 –

Elaine Tompkins began a 50/50 raffle to be decided each meeting.  Dues had been increased from last year.  Members are asked on a rotating basis to bring an object for  a Chinese auction, tickets are available for Debbie’s quilt (to be raffled off in 9/14), and post cards are available for sale.  Northern Federation of Women will fund the Nettie Hewett Scholarship.  To commemorate 100 years, the NFW wants articles commemorating its organization due for the spring meeting in Watertown.  The new constitution was discussed and an explanation of programs for this year was given. Barb Traxel displayed her collection of antique fans and calendars from Boonville. Daphne won the bid for the canned tomatoes donated by Elaine Tompkins. November 4, 2013 – Debbie Seelman donated a turkey quilted wall hanging which Mary Beck won in a Chinese auction.  Cris Adsit won the 50/50 drawing.  The Thanksgiving banquet included foods and recipes associated with Thanksgiving including turkey, eggplant parmesian, stuffed artichokes, sweet potatoes with bourbon/pecans, Ivy League beets, cranberry relish, butternut squash, bourbon pecan pie, and cream puffs.

December 2, 2013 –

Joanne Sattlfer won the 50/50 raffle and the bid for the quilted Christmas tree skirt donated by Cris Adsit.  Gail Haile entertained members by playing Christmas carols and reading The Night Before Christmas.  Members exchanged $5 presents by rotating the anonymous gifts to the right which circled the table 1 ½ times.

Thanks to Cris Adsit for her time in writing up this review. Happy New Year!!



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