2011-2012 Programs

Boonville Historical Club

Organized in November 1900

A Member of the Northern New York

Federation of Women’s Clubs in the 4th District

proud to serve


President – Barb Traxel

Vice President  –  Joan Ferguson 

Recording Secretary – Melanie Fitzgerald

Treasurer –  Vivian Brucker

Corresponding Secretary –  Elaine Tompkins

Historian –  Joanne Sattler

The club colors are yellow and white.



 1.       Regular meetings are held on the first Monday of each month at 6:45 p.m. (unless otherwise announced), beginning in October and ending in June. There will be no meeting in January or when the meeting date falls on a legal holiday or Adirondack Central School is not in session (this includes Adirondack Central School snow days).

2.       Dues: Payable in October – Active Members: $5.00 annually.   Associate Members: $2.50 annually


 Boonville Historical Club

2011-2012 Programs

Theme: “Patchwork of History” 

 October 3        Town & Village Office Building             6:45 p.m.

Business Meeting

Program: Patty Bellinger – Bells

 Roll Call: An enjoyable summer event


November 7        Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall             6:45 p.m.

 Program: Author Irene Uttendorfsky “I Will Stand With My Father”

 Roll Call: One fact about the Revolutionary War in New York State

 Open to the Public – Refreshments Served


Local author Irene Uttendorfsky (left) discussed her latest book, "I Will Stand With My Father," during the November meeting.


December 5      Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall             6:00 p.m.         

             Covered Dish Dinner

                         Roll Call: What was your favorite childhood Christmas gift?                        


January 2011 –  No Meeting


February 6       Town and Village Office Building    6:45 p.m.

             Program: Potpourri – Show & Tell 

                         Roll Call:  Give your middle name


March 5   Town and Village Office Building     6:45 p.m.

             Program: Deb Seelman – Underground Railroad Quilt                        

Roll Call: Describe your favorite quilt or blanket


April 2 –  Town and Village Offices    6:45 p.m.

             Program: Robert Coscomb – DEC Forest Ranger                        

Roll Call: Name a specie of Adirondack plant or animal

Open to the public – Refreshments served


May 7        Town and Village Offices     6:45 p.m.

                           Program: Town & Village Historian James Pitcher

 The Underground Railroad

                      Roll Call: Name an abolitionist 

Open to the Public – Refreshments Served


June 4 –  Annual Dinner Meeting/Election of Officers –Time and Place to be Announced

                         Roll Call: What topic would you suggest for a meeting next year?

Annual Reports Due


Boonville Historical Club

2011-2012 – Committees 


*Vivian Brucker

Evelyn Wagoner

Current Information

*Joanne Sattler

Diane Kilbourne

Glenyce  Trainor

DPN &  Black River Canal Museum

*Daphne Larrabee

Charlene Ludwikowski


*Barb Traxel (President)

Joan Ferguson (Vice President)

Melanie Fitzgerald (Recording Secretary)

Elaine Tompkins (Corr. Secretary)

Vivian Brucker (Treasurer)

Joanne Sattler (Historian)

Joyce Charboneau

Daphne Larrabee

Patty Bellinger

4th Grade History Awards

*Melanie Fitzgerald

Patty Bellinger

Marie Richards

Fund Raising

*Linda Marcy

Patty Bellinger

Martha Pocchari


*Deb Seelman

Jeanne Cerro

Elaine Tompkins

Nettie Hewitt Scholarship

*Joyce Charboneau

Deb Seelman

Marilyn Fowler


*Marilyn Fowler

Vivian Brucker

Northern NY Fed. Of Women’s Clubs

*Melanie Fitzgerald

Joyce Charboneau


*Joan Ferguson

Geraldine Crumb

Daphne Larrabee

Peg Sawyer

Charlene Ludwikowski


*Cris Adsit

Peg Sawyer


*Joanne Sattler

Linda Marcy

Joan Ferguson


*Gerry Crumb

Marie Richards


*Jeanne Cerro

Nancy Trainor

Diane Kilbourne

Woman of the Year

*Elaine Tompkins

Cris Adsit


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