Joyce with certificate NNYFed of Womens Clubs
President Joyce Charboneau shows Proclamation celebrating NNY Federation of Women’s Clubs 100th anniversary.


The only membership requirement  is that women must live in the Adirondack Central School District. Any woman living in this area is  welcome and encouraged to apply for membership.  According to the constitution, “An active member shall be expected to accept an office and serve on any committee to which she is asked.”  An active member is required to attend three (3) meetings a year, unless a valid excuse in writing is presented to the Executive Committee.  Dues are $5 per year, payable at the first meeting of the season, the first Monday of October.  

Member Peg Sawyer shows piece she made for the club's coverlet.
Member Peg Sawyer shows off piece she made for the club’s coverlet.

 Those interested can send an email to membership committee chair,  Mrs. Vivian Brucker at  or call 942-4251. Or click here to ask  for more information:  

 After the Membership Committee reviews a potential member’s information, club members vote on whether to accept the individual into the club. Rarely is anyone refused! We need members, especially those ready to help with or suggest new projects for the club. So, please, don’t hesitate to inquire about membership or ask for more details.   

 We’d love to meet you.       

Hist Club 2009 Award Winners

Loyal Members - At the club's annual dinner meeting, June 1, 2009. Front, Nancy Trainor, 20 years membership; back, left to right, Patty Bellinger, 10 years perfect attendance; Daphne Larrabee, 20 years membership; President Joyce Charboneau



4 responses to “Membership

  1. Debby Malm

    Are you related to Mary Pritchard.

  2. Debby Malm

    Patty Bellenger are you related to Mary Pritchard?

    • Judy Druck Routson

      Hi Debby – sorry to be so late in replying, but I’ve been out of town. I can’t tell you if Patty is related to Mary Pritchard, but I do know her maiden name was Pritchard. She does not have email, but if you’d like to contact her, please let me know, and I’ll call her and have her get in touch with you.
      Thanks for visiting our weblog!
      Judy Routson

      • Debby Malm

        Thank you.Yes I would like to talk to her. Do you know Kathleen Pritchard.She is a cousin of mine.Her mothers name was Kath.Thank you Debby

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