NNY FWC Spring Meeting and Luncheon

Boonville Historical Club members, front row, Geraldine Crumb, Melanie Fitzgerald, President Joyce Charboneau; back row, Laura "Peg" Sawyer, Daphne Larrabee, Secretary Barbara Traxel

Several club members enjoyed a luncheon buffet at Gentry’s Clam Cove, just outside Governeur, following the Northern New York Federation of Women’s Clubs’ annual spring meeting on Saturday, May 1. The Historical Club has been a long-time member of this regional organization, and as such, we encourage local students to enter the federation’s art and poetry contests.

At this meeting, several students from Adirondack Central School District were winners:

Damen MacDougall was awarded the $30 second prize in the art contest, and Kaitlyn Traxel won $20 as third place art contest winner. Both are ACS High School students. Eighth grader Alyssa LaQuay tied for second place in the poetry contest. Other ACS students who participated were Sage Chase, Amber Case, Summer Wysocki, Brenna Galligan, Nicole Latvis, April Perry, and Jessica Hurley.

NNY Federation of Women's Club president, Shirley Hoover, left, presided at the annual spring meeting and luncheon. Her granddaughter, Elizabeth Hoover, next to Shirley, provided violin music during lunch.



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