10th Mtn. Div. Assoc. President Mike Plummer, Platoon Leader 2nd Lt. Kapua Ampong, and Historical Club President Joyce Charboneau

Translated, that heading means we met our Adopt A Platoon (AAP) Point of Contact, 2nd Lt. KAPUALANI H.  “Kapua” AMPONG, Platoon Leader (PL) for the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Reconnaissance Platoon, CBRN Recce (pronounced “see-burn rec-key”) – Chem Recce for short – on Monday afternoon, January 25, at Fort Drum.  Kapua and her platoon are part of Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1st Brigade Special Troops Battalion (HHC1st BSTB), 10th Mountain Division, (Light Infantry).

Kapua had this to say about her group:

   My Platoon Sergeant (PSG) is Staff Sergeant (SSG) Jason Roberts. Under our command, we have 17 soldiers. Our platoon has two sections: the CBRN section and the security section. CBRN consists of 7 Chemical Soldiers, and Security consists of 10 Infantry Soldiers.  Whether it’s a chemical related mission or an escort/security mission, we work together as a single unit to complete any task or mission assigned. We are the Wolfhounds!

   Club President Joyce Charboneau drove my husband and I to the Link-Up meeting. It was exciting to meet the young soldiers and some of the other sponsors, including Rotarians and Girl Scouts. We also met the man who is largely responsible for the success of the Adopt A Platoon program, Mike Plummer, head of the local chapter of the Association of the U. S. Army. You could tell that Mike certainly has put his heart and soul into this project of matching every 10th Mountain Division platoon with a sponsor. During his introductory speech to the sponsors and platoon leaders, he told us that the 10th Mountain Division is the most deployed  in the country.

 Joyce and I talked with Kapua for a short time and learned a little about her. Kapua will set up another meeting in early March. This will be an opportunity for the other club members to meet with the soldiers of her platoon, prior to their deployment at the end of March.     




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