Ready to Deploy!

It’s official…

We’ve just received word that our Fort Drum 10th Mountain Division soldiers – our “adopted” platoon –  will be deploying to Afghanistan, and our link-up meeting has been scheduled. Here’s what Mike Plummer wrote:

You have adopted a platoon from the 1st Brigade Special Troops Battalion (1BSTB):All sponsors will linkup with their platoon POCs at the Headquarters, 1BSTB at 2:00 PM 25 JAN 2010.  They are getting ready to deploy soon and this is the only time they have available.  

 So, some of us are planning to be at Fort Drum on the specified date and time. Everyone is welcome to join us as we meet our soldiers and wish them well during their deployment. But we will need to know if you plan to attend.  Here’s more from Mike, who heads the 10th Mountain Division Association:

I will need the names of all persons attending the linkup so I can give them to the Military Police at the gate so they will let you/them in.  If you do not have a military ID card, stop at the military police station at the gate and get a pass … your name will be on the Adopt-a-Unit roster to make it easier. You will need your driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance.

 We’ll need to hear from you immediately if you plan to join us, as we’ll be sending the names to Mike by Wednesday, January 20. Please call Judy at 942-4173 or Joyce at 942-4835, or send an email to if you’ll be attending or if you need more information. Thanks, and we hope to hear from you soon!


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